Welcome to my website all about compsafari off road racing, also know as cross country motorsport, below i will be detailing more about this sport and why it is so appealing to so many people.


I became involved in the sport as my family started competing and wanted some photos and video footage that were not available otherwise, this meant lots of hours in the cold and rain but was very rewarding afterwards when you had that one shot or video clip which defies belief. Whether it was a buggy going end over end or flames coming out the exhaust it was fascinating and addictive to watch. This website therefore shows off the photos and videos that i have collected over 10 years following the sport. My photos have featured in many magazines,papers,websites and the ones currently on the norc truck are mine also. My video footage is shown in 35 countries, we get about!

Welcome / About the site.

Welcome to the website, designed, maintained, funded and updated by me, Michael McInnes, a keen amateur photographer and compsafari enthusiast. The aim of the site is to provide information about compsafari racing and cross country motorsport events throughout the u.k with photos/videos  where possible. As you can see there are very few logos/links and advertising, i have tried to keep this to a minimum so as not to overface you with distractions.  Any links and
logos are for information only and not paid advertising. I like to keep my website upto date and its usually updated at least once a week, feel free to browse the site and call back soon to see more photos from the latest events.
Michael McInnes.


What is compsafari?

Comp-safari ,also known as cross country motorsport
is a form of offroad motorsport using mostly but not entirely 4 wheel drive vehicles. The events as they are called are timed against the clock and consist of a number of 'runs' anywhere from 4 to 10 runs is common, it depends on the length of the course. Each 'run' is normally over 2 miles long and contains features such as jumps, water splashes, logs, narrow gateposts, going through barns etc.

The events added up over a season form a championship with many different classes depending on type of vehicle, engine size, suspension type etc. Although the costs involved of building some of the vehicles may not be that high, the largest expense is in repairs from the harsh terrain. The speeds of some of the vehicles using varied v8 engines and modified components can be awesome.


A typical class
structure for an event.


CLASS C3 - Any single seat vehicle

CLASS B4 - Any diesel engined vehicle

CLASS B5 - 2 Wheel drive vehicles

CLASS C6 - Petrol engined leaf sprung vehicle

CLASS C7 - Petrol engined non leaf sprung up to 2501cc

CLASS C8 - Petrol, engined non leaf sprung 2502cc to 3600cc

CLASS C9 - Petrol engined non leaf sprung 3601cc to 4300cc

CLASS C10 - Petrol engined non leaf sprung 4301cc and larger

Each vehicle is identified by a number which is displayed on the windscreen and to the middle of the vehicle as high as possible.The allocated number stays with the vehicle for the year and usually corresponds to where the person finished in the championship the previous year.


Scrutineering takes place before an event to make sure the vehicles conforms e.g harnesses fitted, cut off switches work, steering checked, horn and handbrake work etc. If the vehicles fail on any items they may not be allowed to race that day.

Why not take a look at the photos on the following pages for more info, the photos are changed after each event to keep the website up to



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